Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It WAS Their First Rodeo

August 9th, we went to Lawton for the annual Lawton Rangers Rodeo.  Sam and I went a few years back (and I wrote about it here), but this was the kids' first time to go.  In fact, part way through the night Sam and I started joking that I should have made them shirts that said 'This IS my first rodeo!' thus the title of this blog post. 

We actually went down Friday night so we could go to the parade Saturday morning.  Mindy and Bryar drove down and met us at the parade which was fun for everyone.  We sat by the grand stand, so we were able to watch the pre-parade gun fight which didn't get near the reaction out of the boys we thought it might (actually, it pretty much got no reaction at all).

Sarah watched from the safety of Aunt Moo's lap.

It would be an understatement to say we had two excited boys when the parade started.  Daddy/Uncle Sam stood by the front of the chairs with them for most of the parade.

We even let them stand by themselves and wave at all the cars for a little bit.

Joseph's favorite parts were the fire truck and "street sweeper that cleaned up horse poop."  He even told us what the fire truck sounded like.

In true Sarah fashion, she was unimpressed with anything

except for the cold water bottle we let her chew on.

After the parade, Mindy and I took all the kids to visit their great-grandparents McMahan, then back to my dad's house for nap time.  After nap, it was time to prepare for the main event.  Mindy and Bryar opted not to go to the rodeo, but that's ok because we had fun without them.

Joseph wasn't too sure about the getting there early to get good seats then having to wait part,

but he soon started people watching and got over it.

Sarah was happy as long as we held her and gave her snacks.

One time she got a little cranky and let me stand up and rock her and took a little nap in my arms, but that was it (if you know Sarah, you know this is a big step for my little non-cuddler).

I'm happy that for once I got as many cute pictures of Sarah as I did Joseph at an event :).

Joseph's favorite part was the bull riding and between the live rodeo and the one we watched on TV earlier in the week, he left torn between if he wanted to be a bull rider or a bull fighter.  I have neglected to talk with him any more about this in hopes he'll forget about both options,

As tired as he was by the end of the night, there was no way we were telling this little boy we were leaving early.  We stayed until the end then went home and crashed.  Hopefully we'll be able to make it back down for next year's rodeo. 
Sunday, we went back over to my grandparents' house for lunch.  While there, Joseph accompanied my grandma while she played the organ (have I mentioned he loves musical instruments?).
She also played my favorite childhood church hymn selection (always these three songs, always just the first verse of each, always in this order) while Joseph sang along (to the first song, we're still working on the others). 
We left right after lunch Sunday so we could get a good night's rest before Sarah got her tubes put in that Monday morning.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sarah is 11 Months Old

Wow, it's hard to believe our sweet little girl is 11 months old already!  Sarah still isn't walking yet, but she can get around like it's nothing.  She even stands independently when she doesn't realize it.  Sarah now has 6 teeth with four more trying to pop through.  She is also starting to wean herself off of both bottles and formula (since she has started getting a hold of her brother's sippy cup and tasting the good life of whole cow milk).

Sarah - Month 11

We take brushing our teeth very seriously around here, particularly when it's your sibling's toothbrush and I'm trying to take pictures. 
Sarah often scrunches her nose, especially when she smiles.  I've been told she gets this from me.

Check out those big front teeth!  This was the best picture I could get of them, but trust me, they're there and they're big.

And we're done. 

As I mentioned last month, Sarah had to get tubes. 

The only problem we had related to her surgery is that Sarah is not a cuddler, thus she was unhappy and didn't know what to do about it as the anesthesia was wearing off.  Once her recovery time was over, we headed home where she let me hold her for one nap, then returned to her normal, independent self.  I'm happy to report that I truly think the tubes are working for her!  She will now actually sit on my lap while I read books and says mama, dada, and byebye regularly as well as tons of babbling (which she didn't do before).

Sarah went on her first camping trip this month.  She handled it like a pro which is great since the rest of our family loves camping.

Although we weren't surprised she liked camping given she loves being outside.

Notice her expression in the previous and next pictures, Sarah is simply a happy (or I often say content), but not overly smiley little girl.

Sarah still adores her brother!  Look at the way she looks up to him, it makes my heart smile.  She is definitely what our family needed.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sarah is 10 Months Old

Since Sarah is now actually 11 months old, I guess I should write her 10 month post.  I wrote down the milestones she had reached at her 10 month date, so let's just pretend that I'm writing this on time, ok?  Sarah, I'm sorry you're the second child.  If it makes you feel any better, I was super late with some of Joseph's monthly posts, too.

At 10 months of age, Sarah is crawling everywhere!  She has finally started babbling more, but refuses to say words on command (even though she would say mama and dada for a little while).  She wants to be where ever Joseph is, even if he's in time out.  In fact, now when Joseph is placed in time out he yells "Sarah, come here for a minute!" and Sarah takes off crawling for him as fast as she can.  It's annoyingly adorable.  She also "cruises" anytime she gets ahold of a push toy or piece of furniture.  Sarah's two top teeth broke through and are adorably huge and far apart, maybe I'll get a good picture of them someday.  Oh, Sarah also failed her hearing test... again (in Oklahoma all NICU babies have to have their hearing tested at 6 and 12 months, this was Sarah's third time to fail the 6 month test), so tubes are in her future.

Sarah - Month 10

She definitely doesn't have time to sit still these days (I get this pursed lips look a lot).

And only does it for a few seconds, even with toys.

I did manage to get a cute picture (with the good camera!) on July 4th thanks to Sam's help.

Sarah then spent the rest of the 4th swimming, sleeping, and eating.  What a life!

I can't get over her huge, blue eyes!

Sarah is now big enough to go on family bike rides.  She's not too sure about the helmet, but leaves it alone once we get moving.

She has also been working on her fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

This car has hundreds of miles and is on it's third owner.  Well, actually, she co-owns it with her brother who isn't ready to give it up yet.

I'm pretty sure Sarah will be our dare devil.  If she thinks she can climb it, she will.  This makes her much more cautious older brother nervous. 

Thanks for pretending this post was written on time with me :).  Oh, and another thing I'm running super late on is her birthday party.  It's going to be September 20th, so go ahead and mark it on your calendar if you're wanting to come.  Invites will go out next week. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Years Later...

Wow, here we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary!  It doesn't seem possible since I'm pretty sure we just graduated college a couple of years ago, but when you do the math that's what it comes to.  I could sit here and write something mushy about how amazing Sam is and how he's the best husband, father, and best friend ever (all of which would be true :), but I think I'll go with a different approach this year.

Sam and I have a saying that we often tell each other.  It's "Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good."  I know this sounds a little weird, and most of the time we say it when we're working on a project or something, but I think it applies to marriage also.  If you're constantly looking at other people's marriages and thinking about how perfect they are (which they probably aren't), it will get in the way of seeing the good in your own marriage.  All you will notice are the things your spouse doesn't do or say instead of appreciating what he/she does.

This saying doesn't just apply to our marriage, but also to our family and life in general.  We choose to live in a "good" house instead of a "perfect" house so I can stay home with the kids and we are happy with our two amazing kiddos instead of focusing on growing our family like we had planned for years (we figure it's all in God's hands anyway).  

Luckily (maybe because we look at it this way), our marriage isn't just good, I think it's great!  Do we have disagreements, of course.  Do we but heads sometimes, only when he doesn't agree with me ;).  Do we know that as a whole our marriage is awesome and worth working out any conflict we might encounter, absolutely!  (Also, before we ever got married, we made an agreement that the D word wasn't an option and was never allowed to even be mentioned.) 

So, here's to ten years of ups and downs, smiles and tears, bad looks and belly laughs.  I can't wait to spend many, many more with you!

And, because it is an anniversary post and all, and a pretty big one at that, here's a small recap of our Last 10 years together.

July 30, 2004
Our Wedding Day

 May 2006
Bella Joined Our Family

July 2007
Rufus Joined Our Family

May 3, 2010
Aubrey Was Born
Sam was holding her in this picture, but I cropped that part out.  I think his eyes perfectly reflect love, joy, grief, and all the other emotions we felt that day.

May 18, 2012
Joseph Was Born
September 25, 2013
Sarah Was Born

November 2013
Our Most Recent Whole Family Picture

May 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just Another Everyday

Some days I just can't help but look around and smile.

We don't have to be doing anything special to make me happy.
In fact, sometimes all it takes is sitting outside with my kids while Joseph rides his "bike"

and looking up to see that our sweet, old dog has chosen to lay close to our little girl.

Our oldest and youngest children, if you will. 

Maybe it's because Sam and I went out of town last weekend without the kids (for our 10th anniversary!) and I missed them so much.

Maybe it's because for so long I wondered if we would ever really have a family and now he have two amazing kids.
Maybe it's because this sweet girl has recently started having pretty bad arthritis and it makes me realize just how old she is and how precious the time we have left with her is (she's about 8 1/2 which is pretty old for a giant breed).

Or the fact that Rufus is in the background of so many of the kids pictures (evidence of his love and faithfulness to them). 

Maybe it's because Sarah recently cut some new teeth and is a much happier baby.

Or, after hours days months of trying, Joseph finally mastered the tricycle and is so proud of himself (yay for his legs finally being long enough :).
Whatever the reason, these are the moments I want to remember forever.

One thing is for sure, I'll never take these sweet kids with their precious smiles for granted.